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Orange (UK) ICS Update is here

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by apter, May 2, 2012.

  1. apter

    apter Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Just to let you know; the Official ICS Update for Orange (UK) Sensation owners is now here (finally!)

    Downloading now!.. ~321mb

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  2. Pugs1957

    Pugs1957 Guest

    Thanks for the heads up. Downloaded and installed and working fine with no issues
  3. SubEffect

    SubEffect Lurker

    Not installing for me. It hangs for hours with a blue Android robot and a yellow exclamation mark on screen.
  4. apter

    apter Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Do you have a Customer Recovery (ClockWorkMod etc) installed? If you do then you'll need to go back to Stock Recovery to install the update.

    Have a look here...

  5. apter

    apter Newbie
    Thread Starter

    You're welcome. Same here, no issues either. Seems to be running rather quickly with no lag, very nice update! :D
  6. Thanks Apter, I'd been checking with the orange helpers feed on twitter in the hope of finding out when the ICS update will arrive.

    Downloaded and working well, it's nice to catch up with all the other sesnsation owners on here, shame all the orange bloatware is still there :(
  7. lio52

    lio52 Newbie

    Now downloaded without any issues. I agree that it seems to run faster, so far so good!
  8. apter

    apter Newbie
    Thread Starter

    There's a new option in ICS which allows you to "Disable" apps - including the rather annoying Orange "Bloatware". This will prevent the apps from running and from showing up in the menu.

    Settings > Apps > All > Choose an Orange Bloatware App (eg. The Sims 3) > Uninstall Updates > Disable

    All of your "Disabled" apps will appear at the bottom of the All Apps list, allowing you to enable them in the future should you wish to!
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  9. mncollyer

    mncollyer Member

    I clicked on this page as I was checking for updates, downloading now :)
  10. mncollyer

    mncollyer Member

    Sorted no problems
  11. Pugs1957

    Pugs1957 Guest

    Just an update on battery usage. I hammered the phone yesterday but using it "normally" today and battery life is certainly improved.

    Orange took their time but it was worth the wait
  12. Shaster

    Shaster Newbie

    Weird that some of you are only getting the update now? I'm UK, on Orange and have had the official ICS download for about a month and a bit now...:dong:
  13. mncollyer

    mncollyer Member

    Are you unbranded with a orange sim or is your phone direct from orange?
  14. redmelons

    redmelons Newbie

    There are still Orange apps, but at least they've removed the games which they expected us to pay
  15. ChappersUK

    ChappersUK Newbie

    I've just downloaded and installed ICS and initial impressions seem very favourable (even if the "Enter" key is on the opposite side now when I enter the screen unlock code).

    It seems less "laggy" than before and the font & layout gives it a fresh new look - in fact it's almost like having a brand new phone (should be really - it's my second replacement in 2 weeks due to the dreaded dust under the screen problems).

    I'm just going to show off to the wife as her Sensation is with T-Mobile and her update to ICS hasn't arrived yet!
  16. Shaster

    Shaster Newbie

    Not sure, How could I tell?
  17. mncollyer

    mncollyer Member

    Does your phone have things like orange Wednesday, orange maps etc, did you buy it from orange, will a different sim work in it.
  18. Shaster

    Shaster Newbie

    Ah in that case no it's not branded, although there is Orange plus on there, but no other branded apps.

    It's probably sim locked however.
  19. nick_j007

    nick_j007 Newbie

    Excellent thanks. Now I can finally use Google maps from the map link in my calendar instead of the rubbish Orange maps it tries to load (but never works anyway).

    Phone definitely feels snappier too!

  20. welsh_android

    welsh_android Lurker

    I have downloaded the update and all seems well, however does anyone know how to change the widgets on the lock screen? Some things seem to have reverted back to defaults. Other than that the update looks good
  21. nick_j007

    nick_j007 Newbie

    If I'm not mistaken they now reflect the same icons you have along your home page bottom row. Change an app icon on the bottom row and then go back and see.

    I also discovered that you can have more than one app in a given location. For example drag and drop another app icon to an existing one and they merge into a folder. I'm not doing that yet as it could get crowded, but a very nice touch none the less.


  22. welsh_android

    welsh_android Lurker

    thanks, just noticed that myself

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