Help Orange = Useless


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It's pretty well documented on here that the Orange 3G coverage is at best patchy.

Over the past week or so I've been struggling to send emails with K9. Never had a problem before. Receiving is fine, as is internet connection, Twitter updates etc etc. 1 minute is sends fine, 10 minutes later it just times out connecting to the server.

Eventually got through to the (English) Tier 2 support & guess what - network issues.

Gave me some blurb about how they are doing lots of work on the network at the mo to get everything ready for the sharing of the T Mobile 3G signal.

Solution? Go onto 2G.

Not good enough.

I already get 10% off my bill cos I've rung them so many times about their pathetic 3G connection that only works when it feels like it.

Looks like I'll be ringing back again.

Orange = useless :mad: