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OrangeFox Recovery for Orbic Wonder

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jasonmerc, May 8, 2019.

  1. jasonmerc

    jasonmerc Well-Known Member
    Recognized Developer Thread Starter

    Well I decided to not leave the Orbic scene after seeing the groundbreaking breakthrough by @noidodroid where he managed to network unlock a Verizon variant Orbic for GSM usage. Truly impressive, and very much looking forward to the method for how to do that. To celebrate such an occasion I bring to you all yet another recovery. Sorry for so many recoveries, but it's all we can do now since we don't have proper sources yet to build a ROM or something

    This is OrangeFox Recovery. Think RedWolf but orange. And also MTP works apparently so thats cool

    • Gonna be the same as my RedWolf one probably... phone shows up as a Redmi 3s because of the nature of dirty ports, and oem/vendor won't mount but everything else should (if data doesn't you need to flash the disable-verity zip and factory reset)
    • LINK TO THE ORANGEFOX FOLDER ON THE REPO. There's two files, a standard recovery image to flash in fastboot and a flashable zip you can flash in another custom recovery. I'm not sure if the flashable zip works though so use with caution, but the flashable zip version will provide some other additional cool tools to play with if it does work
    • Again I can't give source code for anything unfortunately because we're working with dirty ports here (because we ourselves have no source code for the phone or we'd be doing this the right way) but please feel free to use any and all of my images on the repo above for anything you want. It's a community effort here to get this phone pulled away from the dark side of the force
    • Team Orbic for restoring my faith in this phone and the project, and for testing this out too since I don't have an Orbic to work with myself
    • XDA user zhantech for making OrangeFox for the Redmi 3s which we ported it from
    • Carliv Image Kitchen for letting me do all these gnarly dirty ports

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  2. Ghostoftime

    Ghostoftime Newbie

    Looking Good.

    Attached Files:

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  3. jasonmerc

    jasonmerc Well-Known Member
    Recognized Developer Thread Starter

    Excellent, thanks for testing those out. Soon I'll throw the images up there
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  4. jasonmerc

    jasonmerc Well-Known Member
    Recognized Developer Thread Starter

    OrangeFox is prepping their V10 version of the recovery. Once this gets built for the Redmi 3S, expect it to be dirty ported over to the lovely Orbic Wonder very soon
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  5. noidodroid

    noidodroid Well-Known Member

    Looks like that will be up to me now that your out of the .. picture.

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