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Orb for android..omg

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kaisies, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. kaisies

    kaisies Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    May 18, 2010
    Coming from an instinct to android..first droid this is amazing! No more in browser.. Save anything I want down to the phone....pics..music..awesome! Even downloaded a pic and made it my background...so awesome.


    Just thought id share:D


  2. skpd

    skpd Well-Known Member

    Apr 12, 2010
    are you using the free app or did you pay the $10?

    the reviews are aweful for both . the main reason I would get it for is to watch my live webcams in my house (coming from winmo I had to use it in browser but I;ve used the ORB app before on my ipod touch))
  3. kaisies

    kaisies Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    May 18, 2010
    I have the full app... ahem.

    My initial reactions:

    as I said, not having to use a browser is awesome

    it supports moving ahead in the movie playing (AWESOME). Its also pretty zippy in doing it.

    If you open a CD (like go to folders, music, then open up a folder with music in it) it creates a playlist for all the songs in that folder, starting with the on you clicked on, and looping back. (if you click on track 2 it displays the playlist as track 2-11, then 1 is the last in the playlist)

    Audio quality is GREAT.

    It populates my Audio Folders very quickly.

    It populates video folders pretty quickly. I clicked on "all videos" and it loaded ... 3,000? videos I think I have in 5-10 seconds over wifi. they all have thumbnails too.

    Downloading pictures directly to SD card is awesome.

    It switches from landscape to portrait pretty quickly. (when playing video files. Audio playback is portrait only.)

    going back to the home screen and then going back into the app causes the connection to close, and you have to reconnect, then go back to whatever folder you were in. Sometimes it does this sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it actually streams media without asking you to reconnect, and just constantly says Failed to stream media. Going to home screen and back in doesn't help, I had to close the box then click settings as quick as i could to relog, all the while its saying failed to connect (a few times, anyway) This error doesn't seem to happen too often though, usually you just have to reconnect.

    photo thumbnails / going thru photos in general seem to load just a LITTLE too slow. Even over WiFi. ofc, i'm pulling 3MB pics x 20 (im assuming it creates thumbs on the server, and sends them which takes a little bit of time) Its certainly not anything earth shattering though.

    I havn't figured out how to pull cover art yet. I have some folders that have Cover.jpg, others that have AlbumArt.jpg, etc.. a quick google search yielded nothing, however its probably just named wrong or something.

    Movie quality is lacking. I've pulled files over wifi with my laptop and then used a VGA cord to stream to my parents 60", and it looked great. but for whatever reason, the quality on this screen is just grainy. Even in Wifi (although it does seem to improve). There is no option for increasing the kbps. But I dont think I would want to stream through my phone hdmi to a tv, its just not going to look good (havn't tried, but i will)

    edit: I loaded a bleach episode (full japanese with english subs) and was able to read the subs very clearly.

    Movies will sometimes play in full screen, sometimes be letterboxed around the ENTIRE video (top bottom and sides) instead of fitting to the screen. I'm sure once we determine ideal resolution you could reformat your videos to fit fullscreen though.

    those are my initial impressions. the cons are really nitpicking, aside from the movie quality. Is it worth $10? try orb free first, make sure that it works with your computer, and if it does, ABSOLUTELY. NOTE: I wasn't able to stream over wifi with the free version. But once I got the regular one, worked like a charm. I even can go to home screen, disable wifi, then go back into the program and it picks right up where it left off.

    next up, installing my TV tuner card and giving that a go ;o

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