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Orbit Project

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Dasix, Aug 1, 2017.

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    Orbit Project is a new addictive android game made by Shiny Duck Games.

    In Orbit Project you have to jump between orbit to beat the objective. There are two game modes each one with a diferent objective.
    If you pick the endless game mode your objective will be reach the more orbits you can to reach the 1 position in the google leaderboard.
    If you pick the levels game mode you objective will be to reach in each level the green orbit and complete the more than 35 levels in game.


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Orbit Project

Orbit Project Forum


-ORBIT PROJECT HAS ARRIVED!- · Try to reach the last orbit to complete the level · Jump between orbits to reach as much as you can · Accuracy and bounces are very important to reach the next orbit -TWO GAME MODES TO PLAY!- · Complete more than 50 levels of Orbit Project · Reach all the orbits that you are able to -PERFECT ARCADE GRAPHICS!- · Minimalistic graphics · Harmonious colors · Flat Design -COMPETE WITH YOUR FRIENDS!- · Compete with your friends in the orbit Project leaderboard · Get all the achievements -MORE ORBIT PROJECT FEATURES: ·One hand controls ·Perfect for your spare time ·Free Reach all the orbits in Orbit Project and enjoy playing! -- Thanks to evolbug for designing the UI :) evolbug -> https://github.com/evolbug -- Contact: ·E-mail: shinyduck.games@gmail.com ·Twitter: @ShinyDuckGames ·Facebook: /shinyduckgames

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