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Order two batteries from ebay

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by djb2, Aug 6, 2010.

  1. djb2

    djb2 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi everyone,

    So I feel a little better that i'm not the only one with crappy battery life. I use my phone for work all day and by the time i'm home or even before i get home it's dead. i can't even take pictures of my kids cause the camera app won't open due to the low battery! Anyway, I ordered a 2 battery and wall charger pack on ebay last night for $10.49! I'm really curious to see how these batteries last and find out if maybe it's the actually batteries. I got mine last friday (July 30th i think) It's totally died twice now. I charge it for at least 8 hours at night with it on because it's also my alarm clock. But by 3:30 i'm almost out. I've been using the usb cable to charge it in my car between sales calls but even that isn't really keeping it charged up enough to last into the evening. Very frustrating because I really like this phone but i hate having to "ration" everything i do on it or carry a stupid cable with me everywhere!

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  2. Droopie28

    Droopie28 Member

    I saw that ebay posting as well!! Lol mine only lasts 9 hours at most
    Edit at 11pm, I just ordered them as well!

    My captivate took 4 hours to charge, and only lasted 10, what happen to those "750 hours of stanby time", other than the battery problem, I F**** Love this phone...
  3. beyondsimple

    beyondsimple Lurker

    i've been considering buying the batteries too. let us know how they are once you get them. hopefully it doesnt fry your phone or something.
  4. Droopie28

    Droopie28 Member

    OMG i hope not, haha, terrible!!!
  5. Terrigno

    Terrigno Well-Known Member

    I to have bought the batters with the charger for the wall. Im confident it will work great since I had them for my BlackBerry and they were fine. What would we do with out Hong Kong making things like this and selling it on ebay CHEAP?! lol
  6. Wakefield

    Wakefield Newbie

    I took my launch phone back for a new captivate. My phone lasted about 34 hours on the last charge with moderate usage, whereas before I was getting about 14-16 hours. If you are still under the 30 day return you might want to consider this option.
  7. colnago

    colnago Android Expert

    There have been several recalls from laptop manufacturers for official OEM batteries "catching fire". There should be no concern from possible counterfeit batteries bought off of ebay.

    FWIW, good luck with that. I'll stick with Seidio extended, and OEM batteries off of amazon.com if I want to save a $.
  8. getDange

    getDange Android Enthusiast

    750 hours is pure standby time unattainable in real life use, it is just a characteristic. To get the 750 hours of standby time, you have to root the phone, uninstall all irrelevant to phone function apps, switch the screen to lowest brightness, switch off anything else, preferably switch the phone to gprs mode, set it aside and make sure no one calls it. It will last 750 hours.
    I did a similar test with my previous phone - it would last me 10 hours under really really minimal use. I then put an inactive sim in it (so it could not even get on the network), and now the phone stays at 90% bat level after THREE DAYS of laying on the shelf.
  9. PsychoDad

    PsychoDad Lurker

    Has there been an update to these phones since launch? What are the differences? I might need to exchange mine, too.
  10. linuxdood

    linuxdood Well-Known Member

    Just wondering if you tried to factory reset to see if that helped before you returned. Exchanging the phone is the long version of just that.
  11. Wakefield

    Wakefield Newbie

    Yes. I tried a number of different things. I was having issues with battery life, random power offs, lag, etc. Not anymore. Im not saying it will for certain fix the problem, but I felt I had a faulty phone and took it back as a result.
  12. reno55

    reno55 Newbie

    Link to the person selling on ebay?
  13. JuneNYC

    JuneNYC Member

    I bought one from bens bazaar for $22+ shipping and that one works better than the original battery.
  14. reno55

    reno55 Newbie

  15. JuneNYC

    JuneNYC Member

  16. reno55

    reno55 Newbie

  17. JuneNYC

    JuneNYC Member

    Yes it is getting me 2 more hours of use. I guess not all batteries are created equal. The new battery was made on 6/20
  18. Droopie28

    Droopie28 Member

    i think my battery finally broke in... im on hour 18.5, with still 25% left
  19. Sledutah

    Sledutah Member

    Just ordered mine also, for $10.49. At least I can have a few batteries that are charged and ready to go if I need them.
  20. reno55

    reno55 Newbie

    where did you find that sale on ebay?
  21. reno55

    reno55 Newbie

    I just ordered the 2 batteries and wall charger also...hoping it works out since that is a VERY cheap price...
  22. Terrigno

    Terrigno Well-Known Member

  23. TDQuiksilver

    TDQuiksilver Well-Known Member

    Placebo effect. Personally I think any difference you may think you see with these "new" batteries is negligible at best. With Froyo hitting next month, we should see far more benefits to battery life than purchasing a knock-off or OEM equivalent.
  24. reno55

    reno55 Newbie

  25. big_mike

    big_mike Android Enthusiast

    can be 2/3 weeks as they get sent surface normally not air.

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