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Ordering online should be avalible the 4th right?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mistax, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. mistax

    mistax Member
    Thread Starter

    not sure, if i want to camp out on friday to get a chance at it, or just preorder online and wait and save 110 dollars.

  2. DougFunny

    DougFunny Member

    I'd think that it would be.
  3. mx7

    mx7 Well-Known Member

    wait and save $110. its only 2 more additional days man
  4. Froghair

    Froghair Newbie

    FWIW, I asked this specific question in an online chat and was told it would be available to order online at 12:01 am EDT. However, I am skeptical of all chat answers. Also, if you order online they advertise "free overnight delivery" but if you "get the details" (on the right-hand side of the phone shopping page) and read the fine print, overnight delivery somehow means 2-5 business days :thinking:. I gave up trying to figure that out. And there is no option to pay a little extra for next day delivery. Anyway, good luck!

    And, FWIW, telesales told me they will open at 7 am EDT and the EVO will be available.
  5. tracerit

    tracerit Android Enthusiast

    from my experience, their regular delivery is pretty fast. i usually get them 2 days later, but if you order on friday morning morning, you might even get it saturday.
  6. phyl0x

    phyl0x Newbie

    I too am going to order online, i asked chat (kate...its always kate?) and they wouldn't give me a time, just that it will be on the 4th. If anyone can finds out, please post, theres tons of info on pre-ordering, not much on online ordering.
  7. Rigmaster

    Rigmaster Android Expert

    I just corresponed with my Sprint Rep who said online ordering will be live on June 4. The overnight option takes longer because they do not do Saturday delivery. I would not be shocked to see companies with private stores/discounts really hit up the online ordering and inventory.
  8. asaberan

    asaberan Well-Known Member

    How are you going to save $110 by ordering online?
  9. mistax

    mistax Member
    Thread Starter

    Free Activation + 25 Dollar for getting an evo + 50 dollar for Student discount.

    75 + 36
  10. dohmai

    dohmai Member

    since so many b&m stores are doing early morning launches.. anyone know what time sprint.com online will start selling?

    are we talking midnite friday? or just some time friday daytime?

    sorry if it's been covered.. didn't see news

  11. edlex

    edlex Android Expert

    Yea I'm curious if anyone has gotten any confirmation on this too.
  12. phyl0x

    phyl0x Newbie

    Kate: Thank you for visiting Sprint. What questions can I answer for you today?
    You: Good Afternoon, do you know if the evo 4g will be available for ordering tonight at midnight, or will it happen tommorow sometime (via online)
    Kate: I would be happy to assist you with your question about HTC Evo.
    Kate: Let's move this chat and make it a window of its own. It will be out of the way and I can stay with you in case you have any questions or any concerns. Just click on the "Yes" button below and we can continue.
    Kate: Thank you for moving the chat.
    Kate: I am unable to comment on the exact timing but It will start anytime on 4th of June.
    Kate: Is there anything else I can help you with today?
    You: no thats all

    sprint chat is helpless as usual, is the rep always named Kate, or do I just get the same person every single time.
  13. phyl0x

    phyl0x Newbie

    not midnight :(
  14. backdown

    backdown Android Enthusiast

  15. dzar

    dzar Well-Known Member

    Yep... on order... (My wife was jealous of mine so I got her one, too.)
  16. dohmai

    dohmai Member


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