Orlando 3G....!!!


I have been reading post of different parts of central Florida that have 3g signal, and have been toying with idea of doing the prl 3020 to my phone to see if I could get the 3g signal as well. Well Metro beat me to the punch, I woke this morning and grabbed my phone from my dresser and I had the 3g symbol on the screen. Then I checked the prl and it was 3020. So without doing the *228 or the manual prl undate, my phone was updated to 3020. I noticed around town that i have 3g about 90% of time around town (traveling from Longwood to Oviedo to Down Town to back to Oviedo. Just for yucks I did a internet speed test, and it came up that I was getting 500kbs by my house, but only 225kbs by my office in Longwood. And 550kbs and 750 kbs once around Down Town. Ive also noticed that when im in a 3g area im getting better reception (i.e. more bars on the phone)...