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Support OS Maps app screws with battery widget?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by CaptainBeaky, Sep 19, 2010.

  1. CaptainBeaky

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    Installed the OS Maps app fromthe Market - it works quite well, loads reasonably quickly and gives way more information than Google Maps.

    Being ever-so-slightly paranoid about battery life, I checked regularly on the battery state and application battery usage - no great problem. The program and GPS system ate a fair amount of juice, but nothing that limited use and a daily charge, or a car charger, couldn't keep under control.

    But... when I came to switch all the non-essentials off overnight, the mobile data widget wouldn't switch mobile networks off. In fact, nothing would switch mobile networks off, short of re-booting, which I eventually did.

    The following day, having not used the maps app at all, I checked the battery state at lunchtime, to find that apparently, OS Maps was responsible for 95% of the battery usage since unplugging.
    So I tried again, same sequence - run OS Maps with the GPS going, then stop, turn GPS off, then try to turn Mobile Networks off.
    This time, Mobile Networks behaved itself, turning on and off as required.
    However, the battery usage widget repeated it's conviction that OS Maps was using most if not all of the battery's power.

    Any suggestions from the Android hive-mind?

    It's not a huge problem, as I'm still quite happy (happier if anything) using paper maps, but the app is potentially quite useful in an occasional way, especially as the map data is free.




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