Android Question

I currently have a Google Nexus 7 and get all the OS updates as they are made available. What I am wondering though, is do off brands that offer Android OS but are not "Google" products, do those get automatic updates. If I buy a Dell tablet that comes with android 4.2 jelly bean. Is that all i'll ever have. Where as my nexus updated from Jelly Bean to KitKat on its own with no expense?
As far as phones, the carrier decides and if you have prepaid you can forget it short of rooting. I'm not sure if this applies to tablets. Maybe someone else here knows more about Dell products will have an answer for you.
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I'm guessing that you're right, jmcook79--who would your off-brand "carrier" be? Don't know if those manufacturers build-in some feature into the device to look for updates or not (I highly suspect "not" and am guessing that what you get (buy) is what you got (or ever will, as far as Android updates go--unless they provide a download and manual install feature)).

Best of luck!