Ota 3.0.3 for Meep X2 is here


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I need assist in downloading the 3.o.3 update to meepx2 tablet

HI Trent, the easiest way to update your X2 is through the Ota App. Simply tap the app's icon to run the update. If you run into issues that it isn't working for you, there is a manual way to update as well. You would on a computer go to meeptablet.com/ota and select the X2 Ota. A dialog box will pop up to download the file to your computer and you'll then transfer the update file to the X2 by micro SD. The final step in the manual method is to go back to the Ota App and select 'Mac/PC' instead of 'download and install'. If this is not working for you either, please contact our call center: 800-853-8883 or customerservice@oscientific.com and be specific about what you have tried and at what step it is not working for you.


hello friends support request to reset 2 tablets meep x2 both remained locked in the logo you meep x2 at power This happened after that was installed from ota ota update menu . my pc to connect does not recognize the controller device driver . I need support to download the driver meep x2 driver . Or some mtk / vcom / Qualcomm supports help me to recognize the tablet on the pc In order to reinstall the firmware with LiveSuite / GpGtool / Universal ADB Helper / Android Multi Tools / Minimal ADB and Fastboot