OTA no sound bug. Anyone get this?


I was wondering if anyone that got the OTA has experienced the no sound bug yet.

I am currently stuck on leak V3 and several times a week I have to reboot my phone due to the sounds cutting out.

Sorry if this was covered or asked before. I did a quick search on the forums but didn't find an answer.


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Posts reporting silent calls on the OTA:

So now I have dialer lag and the silent call issue.

I got the OTA yesterday. I was running stock 1.5 previous to that. No root, etc... Yesterday evening, my phone went silent, and I had to reboot. Wondering if I have a hardware error...

I thought the call didn't go through, but those that I tried to call said their phone rang and could not hear me, I couldn't hear them either. I attempted 20 times to make a call and it did this. I had to restart my phone, and only then did phone calling work.

I think we just haven't seen a lot of them yet because the number of people on this forum with leaks installed is still greater than the number with OTA. Also, for some of us, it took a week between the silent call bug occurrences.
My girlfriend updated her eris OTA yesterday and called me to complain that she lost volume on one of her calls. She has no knowledge of this bug, so I feel like it probably actually happened. I will keep you updated if it happens again. I'm running leak v3 with no major problems.