OTA on 2.1 leaked


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Will the people using the leaked 2.1 recieve the OTA? I hope this isnt a repost, I thumbed through quickly and didnt find anything. Thanks


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Nobody knows yet. There is much about this in several threads but VZW says yes on their twitter account. People in here and xda have pointed out that the leaks use a different boot version so they cannot manually install. That will have to change for leakers to update. I guess we will have to wait and see.


I saw one VZW tweet that they will have more information for people who can't get the OTA after May 24th. Maybe they will have a link to download for us leakers.

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@VZWSupport Hey NK, throw me a bone! When will the first leaked 2.1 phone get the OTA? :)
@papajon2 Some phones with the leaked version have already received it. All updates will be sent out by 5/24. *NK

They're standing firm.


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To be honest, I only want the OTA for root...which might not be a possibility if it involves a higher version of HBOOT.


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To the OP, yes this is a repost. No worries.

And on that note this is why I did not make a new thread to give you all some news I just received.

I just got off the phone with a Verizon rep. I had to call because for the first time my wife is having the dialer lag/silent/phone force closed issues. The first thing I was asked was if we received the new software update, and before I could answer her she said yes we did. She said it was sent to us OTA yesterday. When I asked her to explain she said that she could see that both of our phones were sent the OTA yesterday and we would have received the notification....however, we are both running the leak, v3, so we never got any OTA notification.

Take it for what it's worth, looks like we (leakers) wont be getting the OTA. But perhaps we will if what NZ says is true when a patch comes out.