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OTA or Root?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by thetomlin2, Jul 12, 2011.


OTA or Root?

  1. OTA Gingerbread

  2. Root

  3. Waiting, havent decided yet

  1. thetomlin2

    thetomlin2 Guest
    Thread Starter

    Which way did you go? I intended on rooting the day I got the phone, just had to wait for it.

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  2. valorian

    valorian Android Expert

    I went with the OTA. I'm sure there will be a root option for those who upgraded via the OTA so I'll wait for that.
  3. thetomlin2

    thetomlin2 Guest
    Thread Starter

    We have ROM support, so I am pretty sure your right
  4. anguish

    anguish Well-Known Member

    Root. Then I went ahead and installed the ROM based on the OTA, which is more or less minus the bloat.
  5. tachnician199

    tachnician199 Newbie

    Rooted this weekend and not looking back. Already have CM7 support and other ROMS are coming. Great to see HTC updating there phones though. Other manufactures should take note.
  6. picord

    picord Well-Known Member

    I went with the OTA..As much as I wanted to root my phone. I've only had the phone for a little over a week and will wait for the exchange policy to run out which I think is 90 days thru Costco.
    Lets see what will come up in the next few days or weeks as far as rooting
  7. chknhwk

    chknhwk Android Enthusiast

    I wanted to root but I'm currently having linux problems. >:-/
  8. anguish

    anguish Well-Known Member

    You don't need Linux. AlphaRev re-released the Windows app.
  9. chknhwk

    chknhwk Android Enthusiast

    I might give it another go again then. Problem is the only windows laptop we have is a hunk of junk.
  10. chknhwk

    chknhwk Android Enthusiast

    I miss being able to do it with one-click and using my mac.
  11. seejoshplay

    seejoshplay Well-Known Member

    OTA GB & really liking it. I'll root when the warranty runs out / they say that I won't get the next OS.
  12. dinc2dinc

    dinc2dinc Newbie

    rooted then flashed gb. its the bees knees
  13. esn

    esn Android Enthusiast

    OTA here and very satisfied with the update not too many changes but this phone is the best Android device I have owned to date.
  14. bucwylde23

    bucwylde23 Member

  15. Stealthman

    Stealthman Android Enthusiast

    I've found no need to root this phone, OTA for me
  16. tcraig72

    tcraig72 Member

    OTA here. Will wait fora GB root option. Wireless tether is the only reason I want to root. I love everything else about this phone.

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