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OTA Sideload error 'no device found' using Macbook Pro

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Uncle Lunchbox, Mar 26, 2016.

  1. Uncle Lunchbox

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    Hey guys,

    I'm no stranger to Android but, I'm dealing with my first Nexus. So far, pblbplbplbpblpltlttt!!! Ordered & received it in January. Transferred data from my Droid Maxx just fine. Received my January OTA. Then nothing after that. So here I am, in late March with no Feb OTA, no March OTA. So I have to sideload, fine. Downloaded Android SDK. Copy adb & fastboot along with Feb OTA zip file into a separate folder. Hookup Nexus 6p to Macbook Pro (Running El Capitan). Navigate to correct folder using terminal window. Execute a ./adb devices command to certify that it's reading my phone, everything checks out. Great. Run ./adb reboot recovery command, phone reboots to recovery mode, I select Apply update from adb & phone askes for sideload zip. So I enter the command ./adb sideload blah-blah.zip aaaaaaaand sh!t. no device found. I execute the ./adb devices command at this time, & whadda ya know... sh!t no device connected... wtf. USB debugging is on. I'm using MTP protocol under Networking. Two hours & I'm tired of this, & now I'm on a forum. Anyone have an idea?

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    Post #2 by scary alien, Mar 26, 2016 (1 points)
  3. scary alien

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    Welcome to our AndroidForums, @Uncle Lunchbox :).

    On first read of your description, everything seems/looks spot-on to me. However, I do see what I think is a non-intuitive step #13 shown in this web page:

    where it has you disconnect the device from the USB cable prior to entering recover mode (and reconnecting it a few steps later).

    I've actually only done the sideload a few times myself, so I'd be inclined to try following the steps those guys have outlined above (there's gotta be a good reason for the disconnect and it kind of fits with what I think you're seeing).

    Worth a shot!

    Cheers :).
  4. Uncle Lunchbox

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    Dude! Pure genius!! That worked!!! The only thing I did differently, was run the ./adb reboot recovery command while tethered then, unplugged it. Didn't want to have to do all the button pushing. As soon as it rebooted I received an system update message for March security update. Here's to hoping my finger pad still works after this update.... Hahaha! Thanks again Scary Alien!
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  5. scary alien

    scary alien not really so scary


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