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OTA Update, 12/19/11

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by YrrchSebor0000, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. YrrchSebor0000

    Thread Starter

    Did anyone do the OTA update today? I rolled back to unrooted stock and installed it, and here are a few things different that I and others have noticed:

    1. All the themes in the theme chooser are gone! (Kinda bad i guess)
    2. The big weather widget is now missing the cool graphics and animation. (bad, 'cuz i liked that a lot)
    3. The HBOOT is now unsupported by the Revolutionary root method... i haven't even managed to gain temp. root yet. (Definitely bad)
    4. Possibly new data gathering software, according to a dev. on XDA who looked at the update package. (Definitely potentially bad, as most people don't want that stuff on their phones)
    5. Hopefully some good stuff! Actually it looks like possibly a new radio and updated kernel.
    6. Other stuff i'm sure. Hopefully the missing themes and weather widget animation were an accident that will soon be corrected.

    It does look like i could perhaps roll back to the original factory firmware, and then re-root, etc. The reason for this is because i accidentally still had the PC59IMG.zip on my sdcard when i booted into the new bootloader, and it read the package and asked if i wanted to update. The HBOOT has a new version # and says *locked*, but also still says S-OFF.

    update: not everyone is reporting the loss of the themes, just some people. and i seem to be the only one so far to have lost the animation in the big weather widget. also i have all the stock ringtones, but some people are saying some or most of them are gone after the update..... weird!

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