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OTA update Eclair.dj07

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by NYdroid33, Oct 26, 2010.

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    so just a few days ago I updated my Moment OTA to the Eclair.dj07 firmware. Eclair.dj07 was designed to fix the airplane mode issue and the proximity sensor problem. Although my Moment has had MANY problems since I got it, the airplane mode thing was never an issue for me and luckily my proximity sensor never seemed to be working incorrectly.

    Anyway, I got sick of seeing the update pop-up on my phone every 15 minutes so after much hesitation I decided to go ahead and update it. Well, to my suprise my phone has been working very very efficiently (knock on wood). It seems much quicker and I havent had any sort of glitch or data lockup or anything. Like I said, my Moment didnt have the airplane mode problem or a proximity sensor issue, but Sprint suprised me this time around and gave me an update that is working quite well.

    The last OTA update I did (I believe it was Eclair.di06) was terrible. According to the forums, it seems as though that update did more harm than good for most people. Nonetheless, I just wanted to come on here and express my satisfaction for getting an update from Sprint for a piece of crap phone that actually helped it. Its rare that Sprint does anything positive for us and Im actually happy with the phone again (for now...)

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