Sep 30, 2009
I got the message for the OTA update today. After it downloaded nothing happened. I try looking at Settings>About Phone>System Update, but my phone does not that "System Update".

My Firmware is 1.5, and my Software Version reads 1.0.0.A6288
Build Number is 2.73.751.4 146733 CL#61205 release-keys

Why didn't my phone update? I tried rebooting, but no luck....
Yikes! I'be never heard of THAT software version! Backup all your information ( contacts, etc...) and either take it to the Sprint store so they can flash your phone OR go to xda and download the Sprint Hero RUU and update it yourself to a version that will take the OTA.

You are using a Sprint Hero, right?
So you are using the GSM hero with the chin and not the chinless sprint hero, right?