Help OTA Update issues - from 1.72 or other? Problems with 1.72 - same people now??


Jan 1, 2011
Just wondering if there's any correlation between the version of software people are upgrading from and the level of success of the new OTA update? OR......

How many of the people who have got problems this time, were ones who had problems with the OTA update at Xmas? Wondering if it's the phone that's the issue and those who have had problems before shouldn't update this time (me being one of them!!)
I had the 1.72 update over Xmas and aside from the SMS notification issue, I didn't really have any problems with the update.

Likewise, I've had no problems with this update (although it's still early doors yet).

Apart from I had 0 problems with 1.72. I do have problems with the new 2.36 with battery...