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OTA Update Starting today?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Phases, Dec 7, 2009.

  1. square

    square Android Enthusiast

    i'm across the river in York. nothing here either. :)

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  2. I found a link when researching this some more. The link is to the Verizon site and details how to install the update :p! I still have not received my update yet (northwest Florida area) link to verizon site>>http://support.vzw.com/how_to_use/droid_upgrade.html
  3. demarco5

    demarco5 Member

    no update in jersey, but from what im readin the camera quality still sucks
  4. mazz0310

    mazz0310 Android Enthusiast

    Long Island NY, no update yet.
  5. fixxxer3838

    fixxxer3838 Lurker

    just got my update about 15 minutes ago..... living in Chicago :D
  6. teknotronik

    teknotronik Lurker

    I live in York! Dated a girl in Lancaster. What a small world. Working in Mechanicsburg right now, did not recieve OTA yet. Will keep ya posted!
  7. jestexman

    jestexman Android Enthusiast

  8. Golden Falcon

    Golden Falcon Newbie

    New York - Not yet.
  9. Imsods

    Imsods Newbie

    will i lose any info after the update is complete? is there a way to back the phone up?
  10. aggressor2323

    aggressor2323 Newbie

    Anyone who received the update yet know if switching between home screens is quicker and smoother?
  11. Uber Schwarz

    Uber Schwarz Member

    Can anyone confirm whether you need to be in a specific area? Like does your phone need to be getting a signal from a Verizon tower, does it require 3G access? I currently have to go by US Cellular towers for phone service.
  12. wingdo

    wingdo Lurker

    No Chicago lovin' yet from VZW for me.
  13. cdodge

    cdodge Android Enthusiast

    I was just going to ask this that way i can start backing stuff up..

    Cant wait!
  14. Imsods

    Imsods Newbie

    lol cuz i know if i lose any of my info without warning, i will not be a happy camper..
  15. rich-

    rich- Newbie

    Wonder if they are doing releases by phone build?
  16. Wakey

    Wakey Well-Known Member

    If I hold my Droid high in the air will I get the update sooner?

    PS I did a search on the forum.
  17. cdodge

    cdodge Android Enthusiast


    I am going to one up you and go sit on my roof..

    To bad its only 10 degrees and snowing :(
  18. ryanbroham

    ryanbroham Newbie

  19. johnatthebar

    johnatthebar Member

    Yes, but only if you are in public.
  20. johflo88

    johflo88 Well-Known Member

    it is on!go get it.
  21. lifeafter2am

    lifeafter2am Member

  22. BucYouUp68

    BucYouUp68 Android Enthusiast

    Already Tried, did not work.:D
  23. Spbeyond

    Spbeyond Member

    Flipping between home screens feels about the same. (Okay in my book)

    I dont seem to have lost any data/apps.
  24. gandhisfist

    gandhisfist Lurker

    About the same, so its still really choppy and terrible? Thats too bad, i was looking forward to the phone being smoother, but i guess i have to wait for a custom rom for that.
  25. andrewdoane

    andrewdoane Member

    Don't forget that you have to jump up and down. If you're average height (5'6"-5'11") it will take some pretty big jumps. Or just hand it to a really tall person, and have that person jump to get it right away.

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