OTG Cable question (not on the cable)

I've been reading that the OTG cable will allow me to utilize (let's say) a 16GB memory stick to add more space to my tablet. I insert the OTG cable and a memory stick and away I go.

But after reading a lot;

1) Do I have to root my device in order for this to utilize the cable?

2) Do only certain programs acknowledge the cable\memory? Does it have to be a program that has that code written into it?

I'm just looking at the extra storage; ie: reading materials, movies, music. But if I start storing pictures or documents do I run into problems?


Android Expert
There are 2 options here: Not rooting and buying an app called Nexus Media Importer, allowing you to READ from external media only.
Or rooting and downloading a free app called stickmount, letting you read and write your storage (except for ntfs partitions, which android doesn't support writing to, but there are custom kernels that do).

Stickmount will mount your storage and your media should be visible to any app that needs it. From what I gather, media importer will only let you view and stream your media through that app alone.