other headphones wont work with phone?


Nov 20, 2010
I just got the Galaxy 4 2 weeeks ago from ATT. Yesterday I went to listen to Pandora and I plugged my mp3 players headphones in to the phone. No sound came out of the headphones and the sound kept coming out of the phones speakers. I tried 2 other pairs of headphones I have and they either didnt work or sounded terrible. I plugged in the headphones that came with the phone and those seem to work fine. I did some google searches and its seems like other people might have been having the same issue. Does anybody know why the only headphones that seem to work with my Galaxy 4 are the headphones that came with it?
I have tried other headphones with mine eg the headphones from my iPhone 5 and from my iPad 2 as well as those from my S2 and all of these have worked fine. There has been an issue with some headphones caused by an impedance mismatch resulting in very poor sound quality but even sticking a plug that isn't connected to anything ought to disable the speaker so I suspect there may be a hardware issue with your phone.
If you have a case remove it and retest. I know I can't use my Razer Blackshark headset with my Spigen Neo Hybrid case, but the SGS2-SGS4 headsets all work fine, but they fit in the case's opening.
Make sure the plug for the headphones is plugged in all the way, too. I had a similar problem the first time I plugged in my headphones. Turns out they weren't plugged in completely.