Help Otimus T vs MyTouch 3g


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Have a MyTouch 3g, which I love... except for the speed. What is the Optimus T like compared to the MyTouch 3g?


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If I'm reading the specs right, the MT3G is a 533mHz cpu and Optimus T is 600mHz. But the real improvement would be in multitasking, since the Opt has 512RAM to the MT3G's 192MB.

I moved to a Optimus T this weekend from my G1 which is very similar in hardware to your MT3G; I am completely satisfied with the performance of the T. And it comes stock with 2.2.


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I replaced my MT3G with the Optimus and so far the improvements are worth it. It's snappier, seems to have better signal and call quality, and it's form factor is comparable to the MT3G. Overall, it's a nicer device.


I also replaced my MT3G with the Optimus T, and even though it has a slightly faster CPU, the additional RAM makes all the difference. Although, I miss the notification light and the physical call buttons, I welcome the power button on the top.