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Otterbox Alpha Glass tempered glass protector for S5 w/pics.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by twister6, Nov 14, 2014.

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    For those who follow hundreds of my reviews in this community (just check a link in my signature), you probably going to be surprised I made a post without my usual "Review..." prefix. I was in a process of reviewing various Otterbox cases for Galaxy phones, and was made aware of their tempered glass product I never heard of before. At the current moment I already have tempered glass installed on our S5 and would rather keep it as is. Therefore, this is more of an acknowledgement of the product with a close up pictures without an actual installation. I'm more than confident installation is going to be a breeze since S5 screen is perfectly flat, unlike headaches we are having over at Note 4 section lol!!!

    Here is a link Otterbox Alpha Glass: Galaxy S5 Glass Screen Protector | OtterBox

    Otterbox is well known for their Commuter and Defender cases, which I'm sure doesn't need any introduction since every carrier has it in their store as well as Best Buy. Commuter, their lighter everyday protection case, comes with a bonus film protector already while Defender, their heavy duty case, has film protector built into the case. It's a good scratch protection, but it will not save your display from a direct impact that could easily shatter the glass. That's how tempered glass protectors became so popular, adding another thin layer of glass on top of your display. From it's product description, Alpha Glass has all the typical features of anti-shatter and anti-scratch, 9H hardness, crystal clear visibility, and touch capacity like the original display. This glass actually comes in 4 different models, 2 crystal clear and 2 privacy dimmed which obviously going to reduce clarity while giving you more protection from people looking over your shoulder or sitting next to you on the train or a bus. Each one has a variation of a generic Standalone cut for any case or Otterbox Compatible cut to accommodate Otterbox cases. The model I got was Standalone Clear.

    In the box you get a tempered glass protector (that yellow film is a protective removable layer), an alcohol wipe, a cleaning wipe cloth, and step-by-step install instructions. Also, if you visit their page from the link above, they have a detailed installation video. I didn't install it, but put it on top of the S5 to confirm a precise cut fitment. Another thing to keep in mind, Otterbox offers LifeTime replacement warranty on this protector, and these guys typically stand behind their warranty where I know if you break the case you just have to create RMA ticket with a picture of the problem and they send you a replacement. I'm sure the same with a tempered glass or in case if you mess it up during installation. Typically, tempered glass install is a lot easier than film, just make sure your hands are washed with soap, display is clean, and you install it in a dust free environment.

    If anybody has Alpha Glass installed already, please chime in with your reply or pictures for others to benefit from.

    Here are the pictures of the product in and out of the box.






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