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Otterbox and Tempered Glass

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by SekiTimewalker, Oct 27, 2014.

  1. SekiTimewalker

    Thread Starter

    So, a while ago I responded to a post about using otterboxes and tempered glass. However, as I stated in the post, that was for the Note 2. With the Note 4, does anyone know for sure if tempered glass fits perfectly in the otterbox? I'd like to buy a tempered glass screen protector, but I prefer my otterbox over the other cases.

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  2. meanmini1

    meanmini1 Well-Known Member

    i've looked for otterbox cases for the note 4. i finally went to the otterbox website and they have the defender series for $69.95. A lot of money for a case unless you really need it for your work. you should be fine. otterbox wouldn't sell a case if it didn't fit correctly. ask your wallet if it can handle the price.:)
  3. SekiTimewalker

    Thread Starter

    When I emailed them, all they told me was it had its own screen protector. I sent one back telling them I wanted to use my own protector, they never got back to me.
  4. firemanjay

    firemanjay Member

    With every Otterbox I have owned i removed the plastic screen protector and used a glass screen protector, never liked the way the plastic screen protector looks, as well as scratches, also don't like the oil slick look that is common behind the screen when the plastic protector on the case is used.
  5. SekiTimewalker

    Thread Starter

    Ok, I'll buy the tempered glass, then. Just didn't want to waste my money if it didn't fit. Thanks.
  6. bikerider63

    bikerider63 Lurker

    I have the glass screen protector and the Otterbox Defender. I just removed the plastic protector from the Otterbox. No issues. The only issue is with the glass protector itself. I had the store put on two of them and there is a slight edge around that shows when you look at it on an angle. The clerk told me that the screen itself is slightly curved on the ends. No big deal, I love the Defender and the glass.

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