Accessories Otterbox case for the Evo Shift... (does anyone need?)


so after struggling with the case I bought at the sprint store, my daughter and I both finally got our otterbox cases..and while they are the greatest pretty much.....they are black and totally manly. Not for us. We both decided we will find something more girly. Not sure if this is allowed on the board, but if anyone is interested, we will sell them very inexpensively since we bought them from a distributor for Otterbox that will not take them back. One has the box and one doesn't, but they are identical. They are just not for us...nothing wrong with them.

$20 each or both for 30.
If it helps we have excellent feedback on ebay, they are listed on Craiglist here in South Florida, and you can pay via paypal, i'll mail them out asap !