Otterbox Case Not Fitting

Just got the Otterbox Commuter Case for Christmas for my Droid Razr Maxx. Does anyone else have a problem with this case not fitting? Once I put the silicone on the phone I can't get it into the card case. Maybe they sent me the regular Droid Razr one by mistake?


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Its a very tight fit...I have that case will fit...but it is hard to get in there.

Once its in fits like a glove, very good case.

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Yup, 3 Razr Maxx's here with Otterbox Commuter cases. All fit tight/well.
Before you go to install, turn the phone off. Now, take phone and place the soft silicone cover on. After this carefully/slowly insert the phone with it's silicone cover into the hard case being sure to insert the side with the volume control into the hard case first aligning the volume control button so it slips into the hard cases slot of it. After the volume button is in alignment, then push the other side of the phone into the hard case. After you do this install a couple of times you will get the knack of it.
Great case by the way!


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We actually went there and I checked her Amazon receipt and she did order the original Droid Razr and not the Maxx case. So thank you for your timely responses and advice. Always a well informed and willing-to-help forum.