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otterbox cases will soon be available.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by turboranger91, May 2, 2012.

  1. turboranger91

    turboranger91 Member
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    defender series
    HTC One S Case ? Defender Series | OtterBox.com

    commuter series
    HTC One S Commuter Series Case | OtterBox.com

    i've been using otterbox for about 5 years now. i had a defender series on my old iphone 3g, and i had the commuter series (it's all they offered) on my mytouch 4g.

    if you've never used one of these things before, i will tell you that they are WELL WORTH the money!

    i used to work for a sign company in kansas city. one day i was working on top of a 15' ladder, and i had to take a picture of the work that i was doing to send to my boss. i ended up dropping my iphone. it hit the ladder a couple times before slamming down on the sidewalk. on the way down, i just knew that my phone would be destroyed. surprisingly, it was completely fine. there was a small cut in the silicone of the case, but that was it! that case lasted the entire time i had the phone, and stood up to everything i could throw at it... and i'm pretty rough on my phones.

    when i switched to t-mobile and got the mytouch 4g, i wanted to get the same level of protection that i had become accustomed to with the otterbox. unfortunately, all they offered was a commuter series case. i was hesitant to buy it, but did anyway. although that particular case had some things that i was kind of iffy about, it worked out to be a great little case. i had that phone for a little over a year, and there's not a scratch on it. it still looks just as good as the day i put the case on. granted, i tried to be a little more careful with this one, but i've still dropped it a few times with no issues.

    anyhow, i'm very happy to see that otterbox is getting on the ball with the one s cases, and that they'll be offering both options. i'd like to go with the commuter series just to try to keep some of the bulk off... that is, after all one of my favorite features of the phone, but i don't think i will. i'll probably get the defender series, just because i know beyond a shadow of a doubt what they can stand up to... and this is the most expensive phone i've ever bought. lol.

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  2. lexluthor

    lexluthor Android Expert

    Just saw that myself.

    I actually just got off the phone with them to see if they could tell me what "coming soon" meant, but I got nothing.

    I actually emailed them last week to see if they were even going to have a case for the One S and they responded "we do not have plans to develop a case for that phone".

    Any idea if they'll show up on Amazon at the same time as their own website? I have a GC at Amazon that I'd like to use up on this.

    I'll probably elect to go with the commuter case for the 2 HTC One S phones that I have.

    Personally, I don't get the whole case thing. Seems to me like it's the same thing as putting plastic on couches. These 2 aren't my phones though.
  3. turboranger91

    turboranger91 Member
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    for me, the reason is simple. a good case will not only ensure that your high dollar phone sustains as little damage as possible, but it also helps with the resale value. i don't know about the rest of you, but when i'm done with a phone, i don't hang on to it... i sell it. i was able to sell my 4 year old 8gig iphone 3g for $200. i could sell my mytouch 4g right now for about the same, if not a bit more. if either of them had a bunch of scratches on the casing or the screen, i wouldn't be able to get that much.

    as far as them showing up on amazon, i have no idea. however, i did notice that yesterday was the first day that i saw these cases on otterbox.com, but on monday i saw the commuter series for sale on another website. i can't remember which one though. they listed the manufacturers part number, and when i searched for it on otterbox.com, it didn't yield any results. i thought that was a bit odd.

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