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Otterbox Commuter or Case Mate Barely There?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ak29, Oct 28, 2010.

  1. ak29

    ak29 Member
    Thread Starter

    I cant seem to decide which case to get. They both look like great cases. I am able to get the otterbox for only $10 more than the case mate barely there. I was hoping to get some input from any one who has tried one or both of them.

    Things I am concerned about:

    Case Mate barely there

    - does it offer a better grip to the phone?
    - is it hard to press the volume and power buttons with the case on?

    Otterbox Commuter

    - does it make the phone too bulky?
    - is it worth the extra $10?
    - how is the screen protector?

    Thanks for any input provided.

    OtterBox Commuter Series Case Black for HTC Desire - ORIGINAL OtterBox HTC4-DESRE - GoCellular.ca

    Case-Mate Barely There Case Black Matte for HTC Desire - ORIGINAL Case-Mate CM011469 - GoCellular.ca

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  2. runlsd

    runlsd Newbie

    Ottberbox is too bulky for my taste. There are cases on eBay that are very similar to the Barely There case if you want to save some money..
  3. hurtinunit

    hurtinunit Lurker

    Otterbox is bulky but seems to be bombproof. I can't afford to drop mine without some decent protection. The soft outer case has a nice feel and grip. my 2 cents.
  4. Meh

    Meh Well-Known Member

    Can only talk about the Case Mate Barely There. In my experience-

    Q - does it offer a better grip to the phone?
    A - a little but it is soft touch so not a lot more than the naked phone.

    Q - is it hard to press the volume and power buttons with the case on?
    A - no. It doesn't surround the power button so you can pretty much press it as easily as you can with no case. The volume buttons are surrounded (not covered though) but there is a fair gap around them and as the case isn't thick you will still press them.

    It felt like a good quality case when I used it but it was too barely there. It protected the sides of the handset but nothing on the face (no wrap around at all) and not a lot of the top or bottom. I got rid of mine and got a genuine HTC TPU case. The power button is recessed within it but not covered so you need to poke your fingertip in a little bit so that's good (still easy to do when you want to, it just prevents accidental pressing). Volume buttons are covered but the case is rigid enough to only register actual presses. Good grip too.
  5. miparo75

    miparo75 Lurker

    Otterbox Commuter

    - does it make the phone too bulky?
    the phone becomes 1/2'' thick, to me that's fine because of the amount of protection it provides
    - is it worth the extra $10?
    - how is the screen protector?
    the screen protection is a lil bit tricky to put on "properly". i messed up mine so i went and bought/paid a store clerk at PacMall to properly apply mine. properly=barely noticeable

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