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Otterbox Commuter S3 review

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by THM420, Aug 17, 2012.

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    I've now had my s3 for about a week and frankly the thing does not scream 'durability' imo. I'm careful with my devices and have not yet dropped this thing. Some how it's still picked up a nice 2 mm deep scratch on the edge of the screen and many micro scoffs on the back.

    This is a company phone so I'm not heartbroken but still frustrated to say the least. I suppose it's ny fault for not protecting the phone straight away but I wanted to enjoy the beautiful form factor of this device before bulking it up with a case and killing resolution with screen protector.

    And today that's what did. I grabbed the Otterbox commuter case with included screen protector.

    The case is sweet. Fits extremely well and truly feels as though it'll protect the phone long-term

    The screen protector I was not able to install. Not because I don't know how to install them...but because Otterbox decided to put small decals on either side of the film to alert installers which side is down. The decal on the down facing side reads "peel off first. This side down. Do not touch this side."

    Great. So I go to remove this friendly little decal and it tears apart leaving the adhesive behind and the supposed ' device side ' of the film a total mess.

    Nice case. Crap decals.

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