Otterbox Defender Review


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I've been rocking a UAG case since I got the phone and I like it a lot and would highly recommend it. I like trying different cases, I've tried several and were disappointed (Spigen, Ghostek and a few others). The only thing I was concerned with the UAG was front drop protection. I use my phone in the gym for music and logging my workouts, I am often in rough gyms and don't want to worry about it.

Defender - I am really impressed with the fit and feel. It feels well made and fits tight. I like that it is very grippy feeling (UAG is grippy on the slides but slick on the back). It is a little wider and taller than the UAG but not that much bulkier, not as much as I expected. I fully expected to hate the built in screen protector but I do not. The fit and feel are good, even the s pen works pretty well, there is a little more drag than using the naked screen but that is to be expected. Now over time I understand that dust and debri can get in there and under the screen protector, that will drive me nuts so if it happens too often I may take it out and either just go naked screen or put on a glass protector. Even with a naked screen the case has very good front protection and I am confident that if dropped face down there is enough of a raised lip to protect the screen. The buttons are still very tactile and the case works great with wireless charging, I have a few different chargers and it works on all of them. I even like the belt clip and if it was socially acceptable I'd use it everyday but alas it is not lol. However I can see myself using the belt clip as a kickstand to watch videos especially when I travel on planes. I like the port covers but I do wish they made one for the s pen, I feel like that is a big miss. Overall I really like this case if you are looking for max protection like me. If you are looking for a slim case this is not the case for you.

There are some other cases out there that claim to be just as good like the Suppcase Unicorn Beetle Pro and the Artech21 but they do not feel as substantial.


I agree that the Otterbox Defender is one of the best protective cases available. I got an extra outer skin so I can change colors. I removed the screen protector and installed a BodyGuardz Pure glass screen protector. It's so clear and smooth and it works so well that I barely have to touch the screen.


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Update on the Otterbox Defender, I still like it a lot. Fit and feel is really good and well protected. I did wind up popping out the built in screen protector. I was getting dirt & debri under it and I am not going to constantly take it off to clean so I popped it out and put on a tempered glass screen protector and I like it even better. I feel like I have a great set up now and the phone is well protected