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otterbox symmetry case, dropped phone on concrete and corner of phone still got cracked: normal?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by TuBitMittens, May 25, 2021.

  1. TuBitMittens

    TuBitMittens Lurker
    Thread Starter

    so I have the otterbox symmetry case for the standard s21 and have the otterbox symmetry case which I bought used in "like new" condition. I noticed recently my phone had a very mild "scuff" (wear/Crack whatever you wanna call it) on the corner outer bezel. Today I dropped my phone on the concrete sidewalk in it's symmetry otterbox case and the same area managed to get cracked a bit. does that mean my case is in defective condition and not properly doing its job? or did I just not get a sturdy enough case for my phone? is this normal?

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  2. puppykickr

    puppykickr Android Expert

    It is very hard to tell.
    From what you posted, there was already previous damage to the device in the same area.
    Furthermore, it is up to the case manufacturer to specify exactly what perimeters are considered in their drop testing.

    For all we know, the test may be only valid for a drop where the device lands flat onto its back.

    A corner landing is, of course, one of the worst case scenarios, as it places the most force onto the tiniest of areas.

    Most devices are designed to come apart (to absorb the force with less/no real damage) with such an impact, and a case may actually prevent the device from coming apart- thereby actually increasing the possibility of damage.

    Even worse, I have seen cases that double (or more) the weight of the actual device- and this will add to both the possibility of a drop and the damage from a drop.

    Case (pun intended, lol) in point...
    a few years ago, my ol'lady and I both got identical phones.
    She got the glass screen protector, and the rubber surround that covers the back and all four sides and eight corners.
    I left my device bare, just as it came.

    Within a short time, she had already broke the glass.
    Not sure if it is just the screen protector, or if it is actually the screen itself- but mine has been dropped at least as many times, and still has a pristine screen.

    My corners are dinged up pretty good, and there are nicks around the bezel, but that is it.

    Hers looks like I shot it with my .22.

    Anyway, I also have a supercheap Poblano VLE5 which took a dive out of the SUV and landed right onto the top right corner.
    The phone blew apart (as it is designed to do) and had to be reassembled.
    The corner has a nasty chip, but no screen damage, and the device is fine otherwise.

    These are only my experiences, and yours may differ.

    What will be the same, however, are the physics.
    Anything that adds weight to the device adds energy to a fall.
    Anything that prevents a device from coming apart upon impact is preventing the built in protection from functioning properly.

    Luckily, your device is new, so it may very well be worth a screen replacement if and when this becomes necessary.

    I know how annoying seeing such damage can be, but this is what will happen to any fragile device that we take and use everywhere.

    As for your actual questions, to actually be able to give a real answer, you would need two identical devices and one case- then subject them both to the same drop test(s).

    As you bought the case second hand, I doubt that any warranty would be in effect.
    Also, whatever warranty that would have been in effect with a new case would undoubtedly have major restrictions as to what was actually covered by the warranty.

    For what it's worth, Ihave seen those OtterBox cases, and they look very nice.
    It is the price that keeps me away.
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  3. TuBitMittens

    TuBitMittens Lurker
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    Appreciate the response and feedback!
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