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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by gillysmi, Apr 22, 2011.

  1. gillysmi

    gillysmi Newbie
    Thread Starter

    are the otterbox covers for the captivate the best?? after research there isnt much out there.

  2. MrDrumngun

    MrDrumngun Newbie

    I was going to suggest Casemate but they don't have one for the captivate.
  3. novox77

    novox77 Leeeroy Jennnkinnns!

    otterbox cases are very nice. They typically have three lines for any given device. It's pretty much levels of shock absorption. And the more shock it can take, the thicker it becomes. I tend to favor the middle line (commuter) which provides good protection from drops without being way too bulky. It's a combination silicone + hard plastic so it gives you some grip while still being easy to take out of a pocket.
  4. gillysmi

    gillysmi Newbie
    Thread Starter

    awesome... thanks
  5. AxelsHumanDad

    AxelsHumanDad Newbie

    I hated mine. the top edge of the outer plastic hard a sharp edge where it clipped over the silicone that sort of dug into my ear. and the silicone cover over the buttons made for a lot of firm stabbing to work the buttons. (Motorola Milestone X)
  6. snapper.fishes

    snapper.fishes Android Expert

    I have one for the Galaxy S, but it's a commuter series since Otterbox apparently only caters to AT&T. *fuming*

    It adds a helluva bulk and thickness to the phone, but in return it makes your phone damn near indestructible. I once tried dropping it from over 6 feet onto a hard wooden surface, and I couldn't find any noticeable damage on the phone or the case afterwards.
  7. sharkhark

    sharkhark Well-Known Member

    i have the middle one..i think called commuter. it has that rubber protection sleeve that you insert inside the other piece of case. i have already had a couple bumps and small drops it likely saved me on....but then again my phone is so laggy how would i know it was hurt:D

    i recommend it as the buttons are so well fit into the case and even perform better...the power button and volume buttons for whatever reason actually are easier to depress in the case covered by the rubber and it keeps dust out.
    the only thing i dont like is that there is no rubberized feel to the case...nor is there any texture...it is super soft and smooth. they claim easy to slide into pants that way..well right they are..but it also makes it easy to slide...out of my hand onto ground...or i put it on a surface and it slides or knocks easy...that is all i dont like.but i would still recommend it and cust svd from them i have used and they respond quickly and thoroughly and professionally.
  8. chandler583

    chandler583 Newbie

    X3 on the Commuter case. I have a Commuter for my Captivate and it is the most protection that I need. I thought about the defender, but I also didn't want to make my phone too bulky as I carry in my pocket. I actually like the feel of the commuter in my hand, to me, it actually allows me to navigate with one hand easier.
  9. xLeGeNDx

    xLeGeNDx Lurker

    x4 on the Commuter case best case i have ever had for any phone, bulk wise it adds a little bit of bulk but not that much, over all the phone is now the width of an iphone 3G at BEST its not much but i would recommend a better screen cover for it the one that i had gotten wasn't all that hot so went down to best buy for an "invisblesheild" screen protector by Zag. With that and my Commuter it puts my mind to ease :)
  10. RobMelone

    RobMelone Newbie

    I purchased the Commuter Series from Amazon. It fits the Captivate very well and I can get to all of the side buttons/openings without any trouble...It was worth the investment.
  11. Sarius24

    Sarius24 Well-Known Member

    Im using otterbox for my phone it's awesome to have. ANd it looks good too
  12. hotrod4x5

    hotrod4x5 Member

    I just got an Otterbox from Ebay for my Captivate, I don't know which model, but on the front it showed two "bars" out of 4 in the protection meter. Anyway, I am curious, how many of you installed the screen protector that comes with it?

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