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Out of memory

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kaffemand, Oct 12, 2014.

  1. kaffemand

    kaffemand Lurker
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    My Moto G seems to restart processes a lot. I'm not sure that's the correct terminology, but what I'm seeing is that when I open a link from Facebook in Chrome, and switch back to Facebook, I get a grey screen for a few seconds and the newsfeed refreshes and scrolls to the top. This happens all the time no matter how briefly I'm in Chrome. When switching into Chrome, the webpage reloads. KeepassX is barely usable, every time I switch into it, I have re-unlock it. In general, this seems to happen in all apps, when I switch to an app, it seems to reload from fresh.

    This doesn't happen to nearly the same extent on my Samsung S4 or my Nexus 7 and the main spec that's different seems to be memory, the Moto G "only" has 1G.

    Is it really the case that Android can't meaningfully multitask in 1G ram? Or is something else amiss?

    On the running apps tab, I get 686 MB used and 166 MB free RAM reported. I've used a task manager to get the amount of free RAM to around 300 MB, but no change in the behaviour I described.


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  2. spicaalex

    spicaalex Member

    mby you try to go to settings - apps, and disable apps you don't use so they won't load, like some motorola branded apps, sync services you not use etc. ? install advanced task killer pro, it's waay better than built-in taskman.
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  3. kaffemand

    kaffemand Lurker
    Thread Starter

    That seems to do the trick, thanks!
  4. kaffemand

    kaffemand Lurker
    Thread Starter

    To expand a bit, what seemed to work was disabling a bunch of things, not running a task killer.

    But, quoting from the linked article:
    This is exactly what wasn't happening - even apps I had been in seconds earlier took a while to open (as if starting from fresh) and reset their state. I have no love for the bundled Motorola bloatware and I'm happy to be rid of it - but I feel the above should have worked anyway.

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