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Outlook Syncing Email - from phone to desktop (deleted emails stay in Outlook)

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by rrolff, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. rrolff

    rrolff Newbie
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    This was cross posted to TMO forums - but seems very relevant here...

    Seems this question has run around a few times, and I cannot be the only one with this issue - there's gotta be something...

    In iTunes (I switched from Tmobile iPhone to Android Slide), when you desktop sync, if you delete an email on the phone, it deletes in the Outlook application (once sync'd).

    I understand why this does not work with Google Sync (well not really - why would they not do the same thing the iPhone does with deleted emails - I guess they tag/keep track of deletions, then compare to the PC).

    I delete many emails via my phone. With the current setup, I then have to go and remember what was deleted, then do it again on my PC (Windows). TMO customer service has no idea - their answer is you have to delete them twice (and basically remember what you deleted).

    Please oh please - someone point me in a general direction -.things like "Touchdown" are for server based (like Balckberry) - or seem to be...

    TIA !!!

  2. rrolff

    rrolff Newbie
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    Anyone with a clue??????

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