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May 17, 2011
Luz, Lagos, Portugal
Hi guys
My first contact. Nice to know there is help out there as I am new to smartfones, and up to just not really enjoying the experience. Things can only get better. Coupla questions

Q: When you buy an app from the store, how long does it take to appear on your phone ? I have just bought the green power app thingy and after 1 hour it still hasn't come through. And there again who do you contact if it doesn't arrive ?

Q: I have downloaded my Outlook contacts to the phone. Easy peasy. Whenever I ring one of them it removes this contact from the main list and places the contact in a recently phoned list, that is not even in alphabetical. How can I stop it doing this so that it leaves the contacts where they should be ?

Kindest regards to all

reference your first question, did you buy it on your pc or on your desire? if it was your desire it should have started pretty much straight away, if it was your pc you may have to pc sync (im not 100% sure of this as i have never downloaded apps from my pc.

reference your second question, if you scroll down then your contacts will still be in alphabetic order, with recently used at the top, if you dont like this then you can use the people app, and create a shortcut on your screen to open this.

Hope this helps
I find it easier to think of the People app as the equivalent of Outlook contacts. I never refer to the listing in the phone app itself. Also I'd recommend use of the Favourites widget.