May 11, 2011
So I have a motorola Atrix 4G running Android 2.3.4 and I recently wiped all the music off my phone and synced it with my google music. I have all my music set to availible offline, so it is all stored locally on my phone, but the HDMI entertainment app doesn't detect any music, nor does the motoblur music app. I don't really care about the motoblur music app but how can I get my music recognized by the HDMI entertainment system app (is app the right word for the HDMI entertainment interface?), or is there a new app I can get that will recognize the music synced by google music? I saw another thread talking about only being able to access music through google music app so things are looking grim but figured I would make my thread anyway.

Thanks in advance for any replies
I am not real positive about what your are saying/asking. You have no music on your phone anymore, Right? It is all in the cloud, Right? Then if you use the music app to stream it to the phone you should be able to hook up HDMI to the output device and see/hear what is being heard/seen on the phone.

That is my understanding from reading other threads about the subject for the past few months.
well, I do have the music stored on my phone ... its not just in the cloud. Google music let me "make available offline" which means it downloaded all my songs from the cloud to my internal storage. But only the Google Music app can see the music ... when I plug into the hdmi it doesn't display what is on the screen, it asks me if I want to launch the entertainment center or something and then there is a fancy media player display on my tv and my phone is just a remote controller with buttons to scroll through the menu I see on the tv and select songs and videos and such ...
OK, if you want to experiment we might be able to figure a work around. When you open your stock music player on the phone are there any songs listed? I would think not because you said you wiped the Music folder. So, can you find the folder on the SD card where your music is stored? If so, you will need to make a new folder Music and copy and paste a few of your songs into it. They should show up on your TV then. Then you know what you have to do with the rest of the songs. If not then just delete the folder Music and Bump this for an expert.
well... I can't find the locally stored music. I think Google has it totally hidden so you can only listen to it via the Google Music app. But AlphaDog on the Motorola forum had me try this app .... which kind of works.

AlphaDog also gave me this link to a discussion on how the app works
Make your offline gMusic available to any other Android music player using gMusic Sniper : Android\

Currently with the app I can listen to my music with other music players but the trakcs are just titled 1, 2, 3 ... ect. The apps functionality to copy the Google Music Database file which I think supplies the track information only works with a certain rooted rom, but the market app description says how to do it manually. Haven't tried yet...
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No problem but I can take no credit AlphaDog on the Motorola forum directed me to where I need to go! This app works but it doesn't produce the most desirable effect... the songs don't have any info in other players other than the google music player (because I haven't been able to manually copy the database file as the app developer instructed) but at least there are there; and in the google music player my songs show up twice (but the second copy of everything is under unknown artist so at least it isn't messy)

and I just realized I spelled *From as form in the title of this thread lol .... if it is going to be sticking around can a mod fix that? :)