Root Overclocking and kernel questions


Is it possible to overclock the CPU on the dinc2, and if so, what app does that? I'm currently running ROM Ultimatekangbang Evolution 1.1 I'm not exactly sure what kernel I'm's listed as 3.0.16-g1aff800 htc-kernel@u18000-build-144 #1. (BTW, is there another kernel I should be using?).


Anybody want a peanut?
Thanks for the replies. I asked this over in the XDA thread on UKB, and indeed there aren't any kernels yet. But are there any kernels for other non-Sense ROMs? Or doesn't that apply? I'm a newb at all this.

There are some put out by Aeroevan, but they can't be used on a sense rom.

Now way to OC the ICS Sense at all right now. That was one of the only drawbacks for me on those.
Pretty slick even without OCing though.