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Overclocking ?? Hmm.?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by pacedrum69, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. AdrianC14

    AdrianC14 Android Expert

    When I want to add a profile, it only shows charging/full, chargingAC/full, Screen off, etc?

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  2. scary alien

    scary alien not really so scary
    VIP Member

    You don't really "add" a profile so much as you enable and configure it to how you want it. Once you are in the Profiles window, enable and modify the various modes (Charging, Sleep/Standby, Battery Profiles, Power < 100%, and the Failsafe Profile).

    For example, I've only enabled "Sleep/Standby" (set to 480 Max, 245 Min) and "Failsafe Profile" (set to 43 degrees C, 245 Max, 245 Min).

    Make sense?

    P.S. don't enable "Set on Boot" on the main screen until you are sure you've used safe, stable settings.
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  3. AdrianC14

    AdrianC14 Android Expert

    Where is sleep/standby and failsafe?
  4. Hagbard57

    Hagbard57 Newbie

    I am still getting over 3 MFLOPS at 710 on EE 3.0. Only a difference of around .2 MFLOPS between that and 768.

    I feel a little safer at 710 :)
  5. scary alien

    scary alien not really so scary
    VIP Member

    Here's some pics:

    setCPU main.png setCPU profiles.jpg

    From the main (first) screen, click on the "Profiles" button to see the profiles (second) screen. From there, you'll have to scroll the screen to the bottom to see the other profiles (I think I understood what you were really asking as I was almost finished with this...sorry if this was overkill :)).

    Also, you can see larger versions in this thread: http://androidforums.com/all-things-root-droid/44611-post-your-setcpu-profiles-here.html
  6. AdrianC14

    AdrianC14 Android Expert

    Oh I see the difference, I have a newer version of setcpu.
  7. AdrianC14

    AdrianC14 Android Expert

    Is "Screen off" and "temp >" the equivalent to sleep/standby and failsafe?
  8. AdrianC14

    AdrianC14 Android Expert

    Should I keep setcpu on ondemand or performance?
  9. scary alien

    scary alien not really so scary
    VIP Member

    I think you want "ondemand"...performance, I believe, keeps overclocking on (I guess for things like gaming, etc.).

    Check out this link for a more detailed explanation: SetCPU 1.4.6 - What the CPU Governor options mean - Droid Forum - Verizon Droid & the Motorola Droid Forum

    Here's the content of that post:

    - The ondemand governor is the default option used by Android. It scales the CPU speed between the minimum and maximum speeds depending on CPU load. If the system needs more speed, the kernel will rapidly scale up the CPU speed.

    - The conservative sets the CPU speed in a similar way to the ondemand governor, but scales the CPU up much less rapidly. This would theoretically save battery power, but may lead to less responsiveness.

    - The userspace governor is currently useless. It's another way for applications to set the CPU speed that SetCPU does not use.

    - The powersave governor always keeps the CPU at the minimum set frequency.

    - The performance governor always keeps the CPU at the maximum set frequency.

    Except for "userspace," no matter which governor you set, the CPU will always stay within the bounds of the maximum and minimum speeds you set in SetCPU.
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  10. thenestor

    thenestor Android Expert

    That post is a little outdated. The only options in the newer versions are "ondemand" and "performance". What you want is "ondemand"; you should only use "performance" for testing. Basically, if you want to find the highest setting your phone will allow, you follow these steps:

    2. Turn the governor to "performance".
    3. Start with the "maxiumum" around 710.
    4. Slide the scale up one notch and let go. Check if the phone froze. If it didn't, you can slide it up another notch. Let go each time you do, and check if the phone froze.
    5. Eventually the phone will freeze. When it does, pull the battery for a few seconds, then replace it and power the phone back on.
    6. Open SetCPU again, and immediately move the "maximum" down one step below where your phone froze.
    7. Make sure it doesn't freeze.
    8. When you're absolutely sure it's not going to freeze, put the governor back on "ondemand".
    9. Still not frozen? Then you can re-check "set on boot".
  11. scary alien

    scary alien not really so scary
    VIP Member


    Yeah, thanks for the good write-up...this is a nice, concise list of steps.

    I was pointing to the thread mostly for the images of setCPU screens to help AdrianC14 out, so sorry if I confused anyone. :)
  12. AdrianC14

    AdrianC14 Android Expert

    I've set my Screen off profile to 480 max and 245 min and my phone is very laggy when I wake it up from sleep, so should I make the max higher?
  13. scary alien

    scary alien not really so scary
    VIP Member

    Sure! Just carefully crank it up a bit and see if it behaves better for you.

    Remember, anything less than 528MHz is underclocking what the phone normally runs at (this is what saves your battery, but does impact what you are seeing, lag-wise).
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  14. zerocool79346

    zerocool79346 Android Expert

    Are you using the SetCPU widget? My profile was the same as yours and when I would wake it up, it would lag like crazy, after I removed the SetCPU widget, the lag completely went a way. Get the Curvefish battery widget if you need to see the temp all the time, that's the only thing the SetCPU widget is really good for anyway.
  15. AdrianC14

    AdrianC14 Android Expert

    Ya, I think the Setcpu widget is making my Eris lag and making launcherpro force close everytime I wake it up.
  16. doogald

    doogald Extreme Android User

    Yes, exactly right. I also have a profile for charging myself that sets the maximum clock to 528 while charging because I rarely use my phone while plugged in anyway, and I believe that this will help keep the battery from overheating. Of course, it is very possible that I am self-delusional...
  17. zerocool79346

    zerocool79346 Android Expert

    Hmm, never had a problem with FCs either with Sense on EEv3.0 or ADW on CLEBv2.8, but it was definitely causing serious lag.
  18. kobel1up

    kobel1up Android Enthusiast

    Ok, I bought the SetCPU off the market and went through this post trying to figure out what to set everything out. I think "screen off" means sleep mode, I got the "temp" thing figured out. I don't know what to set "charging/full", "chargingAC/full" "chargingUSB/full, and battery. If you guys know where to set them at please give me a hint. Also, priority High, Low any ideas? I guess it means how much power goes to that setting and how fast. not sure.
  19. EricB

    EricB Android Enthusiast

    The temperature priority should be at 100, everything else should be less, IMHO. I didn't mess with the "chargingAC/full" or the USB version, I just did the "charging/full" one and set it to 787/528. I also did the battery <50% at 710/245, which I may lower if it seems like it's eating the battery too much. Hope this helps some. I would say as long as your temp setting has the highest priority then the other ones aren't as important. They're important, just not as much.
  20. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra=

    I have disagreement with the conclusions in that regimen, nestor. ;)

    My opinion:

    We want our phones to be reliable and undamaged first, then fast and snappy second.

    Setting your CPU to a speed just a notch under the point at which it freezes up the system could be dangerous in the long run, or even in the not-so-long run. ;)

    "Dangerous" to the CPU itself, and perhaps other portions of the system. Think permanent damage.

    I advise a more conservative approach, and that being from the simpler part of the math itself: the difference in speed between 710 and anything over that is not enough to justify attempts at having it run so close to the point of failure.

    I therefor feel that 710 should be considered the maximum CPU speed for the Eris.
  21. kobel1up

    kobel1up Android Enthusiast

    I agree, I used to run my phone at 767 for a few days. After careful reading and trial and error I am back to 710. I changed some of my other settings and now it is better then when it was at 767.
  22. dragg5inbody

    dragg5inbody Member

    Guys I just downloaded SETCPU 2.0.1 and the highest I can set the mhz to is 528mhz...why is this? Im readin most people run the max at 710mhz.
  23. cableguynoe

    cableguynoe Android Expert

    Do you have it set to autodetect device?
  24. dragg5inbody

    dragg5inbody Member

    i did and thats what came up. even if i selct sumthing different like custom frequencies it still only goes to 528
  25. cableguynoe

    cableguynoe Android Expert

    Try one of the different versions here

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