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Overclocking ?? Hmm.?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by pacedrum69, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. I've been talking with a dev or two on the subject of ANY oc'ing and what I've found is...why is there a need to oc? 1.5...obviously made for our phones as its what we originally all receieved...was it the best os? Heck no..it had its problems but definately capable to be ran at the stock 528/245. 2.1 comes out...assuming verizon and htc know atleast a little..it also is meant to be ran on our phone..at stock speeds. 2.1 includes memory management improvements and the such so it should run even better, and for the most part it does. NOW 2.2, froyo or whatever you wish to call it is out...NOT by verizon or htc but by some pretty clever individuals. I can't say its mean for our phones BUT 2.2 comes with more memory handling enhancements. I propose to you this theory. In all current computers, smartphones the bottleneck is NOT the cpu but instead THE MEMORY. The cpu has always had to wait for the rest of the architexture in a computer whether it be the HDD, the optical drive or even the ram itself. With 2.2 and now autokiller..where we can tweak those memory settings..try running 2.2 at the default stock speeds. I'd almost guarantee you will not notice any difference aside from longer battery life and less stress on your cpu (aka overheating etc). I know every eris is different but I've been running kaos v30 (and now nonsensikal) at 528/245 with autokiller on strict and have not noticed any slow downs or system degradation. I've always seen people trying to see how high they can OC their system/phones and never to this day understood why? Why oc the one component that is still waiting for the rest of the components that are much slower? (take for instance my pc....I've OC'D the frontside bus...in other words the memory interface/architexture NOT my cpu) Just an observation, question, theory, etc end rant now lol.

    This msg has not been meant to insult, interrogate, berate, anyone or anything.

    p.s. btw the dev of one of the most popular froyos..a very chaotic type of guy..is also doing this and not noticing any slow downs. ;)

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  2. Hypo Luxa

    Hypo Luxa Android Enthusiast

    These aren't Winblows devices. The memory management is far superior in Linux. Take the stock 2.1 without OC and use it for a day.. then OC it, I guarantee you'll see a big difference in performance.

    When I first rooted my phone, I kept the stock 2.1 for about a week and only added SetCPU to it and set it at 710. Did I see a difference in performance? You bet I did! So that right there tells me that performance is based on processor, not memory. I'm sure memory does play a part in the performance of the device, but I'm not familiar enough with the design of the device to know just how much. I am VERY familiar with PCs (after all, it's what I do for a living) and I do know that the design of the two platforms are very different, and as far as PCs go, you are absolutely spot on. However, they are designed for two entirely different purposes, although it's easy to blur that given the power of the devices coming out now.

    As Frisco points out quite often, ymmv. It's all a matter of preference.
  3. Hypo Luxa

    Hypo Luxa Android Enthusiast

    Another thing I noticed with setting it too low is that notifications tend to not work. I set it too low at one point and I got an email and 4 texts with no notification of any of them.
  4. notaguru

    notaguru Android Enthusiast

    This is an old thread, but it's so valuable that it deserves an update for those looking to keep their thin, trim Eris in top working order. This early HTC might be end-of-life as new and faster phones reach the market, but have you noticed that there's nothing smaller?

    I use my Eris (gasp!) primarily as a telephone, then as an ebook reader (Nook and Aldiko), and once in a while as a pastime. I cannot recall the last time there was a problem of any kind - I wish my new car were as stable as this Eris! For trips I have an extended battery with a bubble-back - three days.

    It is rooted, of course, and is now set up on 2.3.3, gingershedbread2.2, cm7 - after a complete wipe of both dalvik and sys as well as the sd card (don't forget to flash GAPPS before rebooting). PITA but worth it to get this functionality and absolute stability, though I came from nonsensikal which was very good but is no longer supported. I'm using SetCPU to clock at 710/528, where it's as fast and smooth as anyone could ask for. It's stable at about 800 too, but I see/feel no real improvement so reverted to the numbers that others report provide good temperatures and battery life. It runs at about 30-35degC and I used SetCPU to set max temp at 43degC. Sleep (screen off) is at 245/245 and there's no apparent lag when awakening.

    I installed Elixir and System Panel to keep track of things, and relegated them from the front page to a folder once it became clear that "things" were stable and there were simply no problems to solve.

    The phone is set up on PagePlus (on the Verizon network). For $30/month (no tax, no fees) I get 1200 minutes, 2000 texts, and 100MB of web. The web is sufficient for wireless tether when me and my laptop need to check email, etc.

    Let me make it clear (and a review of my stupid questions and ignorant posts will confirm this!) I AM NOT A GURU, but fumbled to this point the hard way, with guidance from this terrific forum. Is this cellphone heaven?

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