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Overheating issues

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Jackouille_okay, Jun 10, 2017.

  1. Jackouille_okay

    Thread Starter

    Hello! I am hoping to find some answers as to why my phone is overheating by simple things like opening chrome (only 3 tabs, not like 50) and browsing about 20 mins (not really active browsing more like browsing on one page), even playing music from the mp3 player (and I don't mean for extended periods of time, about 15 mins) on top of that shortly after booting after staying turned off for hours too.

    I observed that the overheating issues began about three days after I used Kingo Root to root my phone. The phone is a solid year and a half in service and it is only now that I am experiancing overheating issues. I was entusiastic to improve device performence and curious what can be done with superuser privilegies. So I downloaded a few root "must have apps", but I was dissapointed with the final results. Task killing apps ended up killing apps only for them to start right back. I learned about Android's specific way of dealing with RAM the hard way. (namely filling almost all RAM with app cache data for faster access to data and trying to free more with task killing is a bad idea because the system will fill the emptied space again ) I tempered with the Minfree parameters... but didn't see any improvement in the performance, in fact I think after this started the overheating issues. Overally I was dissapointed in rooting, recognisising the only advantage of rooting being the ability to flash custom ROM and personalise. I didn't flash a custom ROM myself, because I learned it is possible for the device to be bricked. I judged the risk to be too high. So with me ending up dissapointed in every other option ( thinker with Minfree, use terminal, app managers and process killers, Underclocking/Overclocking(never tried this myself)...etc) I decided I am better off without root. So I returned the Minfree to it's default parameters, turned off process killing on boot and the app itself.... and used the "remove root" option of Kingo. I though that by removing the root I will solve the problem.

    But since then the overheating persists. It's nature consists of heating up the back of the phone above the battery and a little under the camera, I believe there lies the CPU, but I may be wrong.
    My battery is getting hot as well but not as hot as the CPU.

    I hope to find the sollution to my problem soon.

    Thanks in advance to any replies!

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  2. Jackouille_okay

    Thread Starter

    In fact even now that I am checking for replies the battery temp is 37 C and the CPU is slightly hotter. I just turned on the phone ( after staying off all night) listened to few songs and bam the CPU is heating up already.
  3. Jackouille_okay

    Thread Starter

    The overheating seems to be somehow connected to the Internet connection. The moment I switch on the Internet connection the CPU starts heating up. And there were some kinds of warnings from a third party app about antivirus and file manager restarting many times for 5 mins, but it was some days ago. Also there was a warning about CPU.
  4. Jackouille_okay

    Thread Starter

    Here is my battery graph , I think the battery drops too quickly. The phone stayed mostly off and offline. Screenshot_2017-06-14-09-45-04.png
  5. Jackouille_okay

    Thread Starter

    Any replies with sugestions will be welcomed!
  6. mikedt

    mikedt 你好

    Try a factory reset, if you haven't done so already.
  7. Jackouille_okay

    Thread Starter

    Hello, mikedt! Thanks for your reply! No I have not tried factory reset. I need to research it. Have a nice day! ;)

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