Jun 27, 2013
Hi! I have a P1 from Canada but I live in Hungary. My P1 sometimes lose network and require the PIN. I upgraded the ROM to B534 (before it I had u9200-1v100r001canc113b104) but the baseband version was not upgraded. Baseband version: IMC1202_20120510_PENTA. There is a horrible problem especially when the battery low. When the battery level is low (40%) require the PIN several times sequentially. Please give an advice which will solve my problem. Thanks a lot.
(Sorry for my Engish)
I too have issue with that "function". I don't have the specifics about my phone, but it really is a pain having to enter the PIN every time the phone loses connection for a second. And yes, mine too drops it several times in a row every now and then.