Root p3 1200 lv kernel

where can i download this kernel? Ive searched everywhere and cant find a download link


Android Expert
Download ROM Manager from the market.

Launch it and select the option to flash clockwork recovery (it may ask you automatically).

Select the option to Download ROM (I believe you have to enable Advanced mode in the ROM Manager settings).

Select the Cyanogen section

Select P3Droid and choose your desired kernel.

After your install you can flash back to SP Recovery if you want, but likely no real reason to...


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wow.. that clockwork reset my whole phone.. just to install a kernel.. thats a little extreme.

You mean like data reset? or reboot?

It will have to reboot. You shouldn't have had the data wiped.
I don't use the ROM Manager. I just download the appropriate file off the web, copy it to my phone and boot into clockwork and do it myself. It doesn't wipe data.

oh wow yeah thats alot easier.. idk why i didnt do this before.. so is my SPR gone now?
Yeah, but ROM Manger will switch it back to SPR when ever you want. You really don't need it anymore. The good roms are all update.zips now, not SPR Nandroids.
With clockwork, the file doesn't have to be renamed, and it doesnt have to be on the root of the SDCard. So you can install BBv1, a different kernel, NexTheme or smoked glass, and whatever else all in one go, w/o having to change everything to and move it to /sdcard. It's much better.