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p30 pro, Has Muted the Google App, Speech to Text, Google Assistant, With the Update to Emui 10 Help

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Abraham Mustri, Feb 4, 2020.

  1. Abraham Mustri

    Thread Starter

    My phone is unblocked, (bought in Canada), with about 4 months use, and since the update to the new Emui, it started with some weird Quirks (notification issues, and the like), must of them i have been solve. But there is one that I can` t solve.

    About 3 weeks ago, my P30pro, got the update to Emui

    The google app, seems to have lost its permission to access the Mic.

    Everything else with the Microphone works, Phone, Audio recordings, and the like, all work without any trouble.

    But every aspect of the Google apps doesn’t hear when there is noise, (the Google colors don´ t even move when you speech).

    So I can´ t use the Speech to text, Google Asistant, Ok Google, or similars.

    I already did a Factory Reset. Didn’t´ t work.

    And I brought it to a Huawei Service, in Mexico, And they Said that they could install a different version of the software, but because it is not the native software, there is no warranty it would work, and that there is a chance of bricking the phone.

    And no warranty, since it was bought in a different country.

    I can´ t be the only one with this issue, Please Help.


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  2. 10sands123

    10sands123 Lurker

    May be there is a bug, or the update would be partially installed that might be causing a problem. The only option is left is you get it repaired from any mobile shop... For instance, you can check some best TTS apps and try running on your phone.
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