Packets from Martian source


We noticed some problems in the local office network, it became slow etc. Checking the router logs, we found a big amount of entry appears like this.
May 23 15:50:32 router kernel: Martian source from, on dev eth2
May 23 15:50:32 router kernel: ll header: ff: ff: ff: ff: ff: ff: 00:23:76: dd: 3f: c1: 08:06
I know what


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I've read issues of D-link routers causing the issues with invalid IP addresses. Maybe just updating the firmware on the router would be enough.

Could it be that someones phone is trying to connect to a service, but is incorrectly configured?

It's a pain, but block all the MAC addresses and then let them through one at a time and see which one throws up the error.


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Dunno if this is related Uldis, but I found this while browsing my ISP's support forums. It appears that certain Android versions can exhibit DHCP-related "bugs". As I haven't a clue what a "Martian source" packet is I'm simply throwing this in to the mix on the off-chance it's useful to you.


Android Expert - is an IP block reserved for private use; falls into that range, just like your 192.168.*.*