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Page up/down functionality via overlay buttons APP request

Discussion in 'Application Requests' started by anton pistol, Jul 30, 2011.


Do you miss some functionalities of the phones with classic keyboard on a touchscreen phone?

  1. Not at all !

    0 vote(s)
  2. Yes - mostly directional keys (joystick)

  3. Yes - various shortcuts (functions associated with the number buttons)

  4. Yes - other uses.

  1. anton pistol

    anton pistol New Member
    Thread Starter

    Jun 12, 2011
    Hi !
    This idea worked really well on my old symban phone in conjunction with opera mini - there was an overlay, transparent, standard phone keyboard on the screen, in the operamini browser I could use the number shorcuts (key 2 - page up, key 8 page down, 5 zoom in/out ...etc), I could use directional arrow keys as well ... very usefu !!! As I sent a request for this application some time ago, not even one reply came, I started a new thread addin several self explanatory pictures of the old symbian application "wf virtual keyboard"):
    pressing the little violet + sign would collapse the keypad, leaving only the + to bring it up again ... the green dot keys at the top shifted the keyboard to the lef/right sides/to the center ...

    there were several modes of the displayed keyboard I liket the above setup most, but there were others:
    or just a strip of chosen functional buttons at the bottom of screen:
    The navigation using this setup in browser/ebook reader etc. is really great ... I have to admit i still cannot (and probably never will) get used to the fact that when I want to go one page down I have to fiddle move the finger across the whole length of display instead of just simply pressing a button :/ ...

    I would be so happy it the author made a version for android,... or some other programmer ... :)

    ... I hope this thread will not be left unnoticed, so please even if you are not interested in this app, tell me your opinion or a tip how to navigate easier on a touchscreen phone :)


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