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Paid Android Dev Tutoring?

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by apensity, May 14, 2011.

  1. apensity

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    I recently had to leave my job working as a Commercial Lender so I could be at home with my wife and daughters because of medical issues two of them had. Because of my past experience in web development and graphic design (pre-banking days), I decided to look into Android Development as I have always tried to be on the edge of new technology. However, my full time job really cut into any of that "hobby" time. So now I am trying to develop some apps and have followed the advice of many members here, as well as most other top Android Dev forums, and bought a few JAVA books (Head First, Sam's Teach Yourself, Java All-in-one Desk Ref, as well as Android Application Development for Dummies). I've also watched thenewboston's and cornboyz YouTube tutorials (and many others as well). I just learn best one-on-one.
    So have any of you been hired on as a tutor? I know it is rare to find one, but I wanted to test the waters and see what kind of support is out there since I am on a tighter schedule than most people and can't (not won't, but can't) wait for a 18 month degree.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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  2. Hey there - i find myself in a similar if less dire situation. (I don't have a family I have to support.) I have what I believe to be a couple of great utility app ideas I want to develop. While I'm fairly tech savvy and learn quickly, I have no programming background. I could possibly learn from books, but it's so much easier when you have someone there you can just ask and learn from. Can sometimes be the difference between a 3 hour frustrating search for the answer and a 5 minute simple solution from someone who already knows!

    I'll be interested to know if anyone responds to this. I wouldn't even mind the school thing, but like you, I am not in a position to do an 18 month drawn out thing. I'm looking for more of a 1 month all day every day crash course.

    If anyone knows of anything like that, please share! And BTW, I'm in Los Angeles area.

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