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[PAID][GAME]Farm Life: Natures Adventure

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by brettpenzer123, Oct 11, 2014.

  1. brettpenzer123

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    Hello, I'm a mobile game developer that currently makes games for the Google Play Store so I decide around December 2013 that I would set out to develop a game that got me hooked on simulation games. Which was Harvest Moon: Friends Of Mineral Town for the Game Boy Advance. I've always enjoyed Harvest Moon as a game series and I haven't really played any of the newer titles due to me not having a 3DS. Waiting for Harvest Moon WiiU announcement.

    I'm just trying to raise awareness for my latest game to other harvest moon fans out there. I have a three man developing team. I'm the programmer and main pixel artist for the game. My partner is the side pixel artist and his brother is the musician.

    I've got one more game on the Google Play Store but it has only received slight interest around 3,000+ downloads. I'm a big fan harvest moon and my game is highly inspired by it.


    If you would like to check it out please do so.

    Grow - Plants seeds and water them on a daily basis to ensure positive growth.
    Harvest - Collect your crops when they have grown and sell them for profit.
    Nurture - Animals need to be treated everyday to maximize profits from their produce and health.
    Explore - Visit the town and get to know the other townsfolk which could lead to a potential relationship.
    Fish - Grab your fishing rod and start fishing in the nearby river.
    Shop - Purchase and sell your seeds, crops, animals and other produce at the town.
    Love - Settle down for love, start a relationship and maybe start your own family.

    ★Farm Life: Natures Adventure is a true farming simulation game★
    Why you might ask? well, majority of farming simulation games that appear on your mobile device don't really have true simulation features and end up more of a simulator. We want to break the cycle and show you a true farming simulation game. Go on see for yourself!.

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