Painful calendar issue

I'm not kidding. My calendar program on my DNA is so slow that it's virtually unusable. Sure, it pops up the reminders, but when I want to look at the calendar or enter an appointment it's so slow that the program times out before I can do anything. Literally five-ten minutes before I can enter an appointment.

Naturally, it picks up everything that I set on my Outlook calendar.

I've been wondering if the problem could be that I have a lot on it because I initially set it up to import my Facebook events, including everybody's birthdays. Unfortunately, when I go to try to delete the Facebook calendar the program what? You guessed it--times out before I can do anything.

Does anyone have any ideas of what's happening and what I can do?

Thanks. Other than that I love this phone.


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Well, there you have it. It doesn't seem like a huge amount to me, but I have birthday reminders for over a thousand FB friends. The only difference from my last phone that I can think of is that I wasn't syncing the FB calendar on that one.


Well if you have it set to sync on start up or every time you open the calendar then it would not surprise me that it was timing out... It could take a long time to sync all that info every time you open the app.... Maybe delete cache and defaults and go to settings and remove fb sync if it will let you... Is it the default calendar or an app... If an app maybe uninstall and change settings after re install.