Dec 8, 2017
1- My TV & phone is paired but not connected - and Im having issues on how to connect them. I had them connected once before but do not know how I did it. Before I was able to successfully send a file via bluetooth from Tv to mobile phone, using the send file to Tv app. Does anyone know what I need to press/or do to re-connect the 2 paired devices ?
Try and delete the pairing. Un-pair the devices, and pair them again. As that may fix the connection problem.
Tried that, also tried stopping Bluetooth device driver , clearing chache, re-starting ! still no , luck - I know the Blaupunkt is very particular in which order the pairing / connecting is done - on Samsung I know it happens automatically !!

- Error while starting device discovery (BluetoothPairTv app)

- need to know how to get into Bluetooth device setting( on Samsung phone)
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